West Coast Chain Saw Artist


Functional Art

Functional fantasy and wildlife carvings are incorporated into one of a kind benches, tables, headboards and mirrors. Customized fine art that can be enjoyed to suit your needs as well.

Wildlife Art

Wildlife art is expressed through realism with natural features. Carved from a 10 ft. block of cedar, a life sized Cougar is transformed, found walrus whiskers brings this piece to life. From the ocean an Octopus is carved from birds eye maple and abalone inset for eyes, bringing together movement and imagination.

Fantasy Art

Fantasy creatures designed with imagination includes dragons, faeries, wizards and mermaids. Many other fine art pieces are carved from driftwood with  unique shapes that captures your attention and tells a story made up of magical and mythical elements.


4010 Forbidden Plateau Rd,
Courtenay BC, B9J 1P9